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"It's just parts man, it's not like we're twisting the heads off babies or anything."


Trust me, your not the first to ask: "What the hell is that krawlr thing?"

My truck aka "krawlr" started out as a mildly offroaded 4wd Toyota. (I know, I'm a dork for naming my truck) Soon, thanks to the friggin' internet, my/it's scope changed juuuuuuuust a little bit. It is now a highly modified and very capable rig. Equipped for trail guide, deep woods rescue/recovery, comp support, trail re-opening/clearing, and just plain trail riding. Critical components are protected for "over the hood" water crossings. I also carry a GPS/laptop with route and topo for navigation and trail documentation.

Main modifications: '78 Ford Bronco front axle swap using Duff radius arm suspension and big rig air springs. Rear linked suspension on coil springs. Marlin Crawler gear reduction box attached to a flipped/twinsticked D300 transfer case. ARB locking differentials in both axles with 5.38/5.29 gears.

9/11 Never forget!

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Photos from Toys for Tots '06 at The Badlands

Photos from West Virginia wheelin' 10-2006


Krawlr sighted in Petersons 4Wheel and offroad!

Design consulting by: Performance Offroad and many others.

E-mail: krawlr(at)krawlr.com



Please wheel responsibly, our trails are in jeopardy! Please visit the sites below to learn what you can do to preserve access for future generations.


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