The 4A032's

Picked up 2 of these gems. The US military 4A032 made by Teledyne. They are 4cyl engines rated at 6hp. From what I understand they are de-tuned so they can meet their rating at high altitude. In my research I have found others are achieving 15-20hp easily with a carb upgrade and one claiming 30hp with porting and tuned exhaust. One unit will be used for a 6-8kw genset and the other will find it's way into something cool or dangerous.

Here is the Mazda starter with the re-machined nose. This turned out amazingly well considering the crude method I used to measure and offset it on the lathe.

Shots of the Kawasaki muffler adapted with pieces of bicycle carrier. Also the Briggs carb from a 19hp twin.

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