Brunner air compressor

I have yet to find any info on this other than the name, location (Utica, NY), and part numbers on the castings. My best guess is mid 30's-mid40's era.

The compressor as purchased on C/L for $10. The pulley is incorrect since it doesn't have the fan blades in it.

On teardown I found both rods had come loose and were egged pretty good. I was able to shave the caps and ream the bores round again. The second stage piston needed a new oversized wrist pin, I managed to make one from a pulley tap shank. The bores had some pitting but this will be more for show than go so it will be fine.

Preheating the tank to repair the broken foot.

Many layers of OSHA orange going on. I only found one orange Brunner photo but the turquoise ones were just too ugly.

Cutting a new tube for the sight glass.

The e-bay pulley. It's still fitted with a spacer but I cut a custom key and everything clamps down solid. It's down to one small check valve spring and then the plumbing.