Rear coil conversion ........... then airbags

+a trussed axle housing and disc brake conversion

Diff housing is shaved and has 2 layers of 1/4" steel plate on the bottom, the little kickup skid in the back is 1 layer. The brackets on the ends are for the Monte Carlo calipers for the disc brake conversion.

Cross member ready to go in.

Just a quick layout of the system.

Quick, gimmee some paint!

Stripped of the leaf spring suspension, cross member welded in, time to stuff it with goodies.

Hitch receiver tubes grafted into the frame just above the axle. The spring perches will slide into these for adjustable riding height.

The old axle removed, time to start swapping.

The new housing awaits it's bits and pieces. The springs are stock Jeep TJ fronts pulled from the bone pile.

And the parts start flowin'

Getting so close, stupid leaking brake line, grrrrrrrrrr.

It's done aieeeeeeeeee! Well, almost, still working out brake bugs. My booster mod worked but there is still air in the brake system somewhere.

I finally ended up installing an Antirock bar from Currie in the rear. Body roll was ridiculous and required lots of playing with the bags. To my surprise the Antirock bar allowed plenty of flex while controlling roll on and off road very well. Aside from the nasty nature of the 36" bias ply tires the handling has exceeded my expectations by a long shot. The brakes are also perfect with a good solid high pedal, and plenty of effortless stopping power. 


newlinks.jpg (26250 bytes)newtaco 001.jpg (137957 bytes)newtaco 002.jpg (150991 bytes)newtaco 003.jpg (149672 bytes)

I decided the rear lower links were a weak link. These hiems have a 1" eye with a 1 1/4" shank and the tube is 5/16 wall. I've also added 1/4" steel to the bottom surfaces of the housing for more protection.

bags.jpg (152298 bytes)


Part numbers:

Inner axle seal Timken #1960


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