Homebuilt tadpole style recumbent bicycle.

Why: I need options to get my cardio exercise in. Regular style bikes aggravate my back problems, seats make my butt hurt, and my palms go numb. And it will be an interesting project.

What: 2 20" girls bikes from Goodwill @ $15 each. 1 full size bike from Goodwill $25. My old bike and some misc. parts and materials.

Thanks to the writer of this page: I am essentially copying his design with a few tweaks of my own.




Early mockup:

Rear brake:

This little gem was on the full size bike I purchased at S/A. Drum brakes! I'll have 20" a wheel built using this hub. It also has a 6spd cassette.

Frame details:

The rear brackets were scavenged from my old bike to mount a derailleur.

The beginnings of the front axle beam. Those are the steering stalk tubes from the 2 20" bikes.

A few shots of it together. After a couple rides it's obvious I need to work on weight reduction. The front axle needs to be moved back because my heels catch sometimes. And I feel it could use just a little more caster for stability. I'll get back on this soon, the Toyota is getting much needed attention right now.

Weight reduction and other adjustments:

The new tires are a real road tire rated for 100psi. The old tires were rated 35-45psi. I'm waiting on one more chainwheel to get my gearing done. There are many more "speed holes" to lighten things up. The front axle has been moved back and the caster increased.