Stephen aka Outoway's SAS


As I walk in the door. It's cold, and there's lumber in my way. And gawd, that blue, aaaaaaaaahh!!!!!!!!!! (sorry Stephen, had to, hehe)

Just kinda lookin at stuff. Pulled the guts out of the D44. Still cold.

Knocked the bumper off.

Cleaned the rails.


One prepped D44. Keeping the trac bar mount for now, might be an option to consider.

Spring stuff.

A trial fit with the hanger under the frame, no good. So I grafted the tube into the frame. Much better. The weight of the truck is on the springs here.

The knuckle needs to be drilled & tapped for the larger studs. Done!

Here's the rear Nissan diff torn down and the ARB that will go in it being prepped. The Lock-Right installed in the new D44 carrier and the ring gear awaits Locktite and a torque wrench.

Warming up a ring gear for install. While waiting for the ring gear to get warm I convinced this fly that jumping through a D44 pinion preload shim would be his ticket to stardom.



Here's the crossmember that needs to be modified to clear the front driveshaft. The square tube is temporarily welded on to keep every thing lined up during all the cutting and sectioning.

The chunk of 3/4 plate gets welded in.

Cut to shape and ready to go in.

Here the tubes are welded into the frame for the shackle bushings.

Spring mounting stuff.

The Chevy leaves inserted in the rear springpacks brought the rear riding height within 1" of the front. Hopefully the longer shackles will finish the job.

Knuckles and perches get welded up on the D44.


The 2 diffs get built.

Marc got the bumper mounted up.

Sundays parting shot. I'm freakin' tired!

Rear axle is back together except for u-bolts. Front axle is mounted for the last time and ready for outer goodies.





Now it's at my house, Ted inspects.


I started sorting out the missing bolts on the bed and making a replacement spacer here and there. But then I noticed these giant open holes at the back of the cab.

A quick search of the bed and bingo! These are vents with one way rubber flappers. They have a few purposes: 1. They keep your ears from popping when you shut the doors with all the windows and the recirc door in in the heat/AC system shut. 2. Allow cabin air to escape when the heating/AC system is in fresh/outside air mode with the windows shut. 3. Help keep water out in the deep water crossings.

So I snached the bed back off to get them in then proceeded to finish bolting stuff down.

Got some screws to hold on the filler neck but the gas door is MIA.

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