Belt mod for speed on the LT1000

Pulley numbers:

1" bore x 5 3/4" od cast iron fixed bore pulley- McMaster Carr # 6204K316

5/8" bore x 3 1/2" od steel pulley- Tractor supply # 1185081

How to:

Before taking anything apart mark the position of the clutch arm with the clutch engaged. This will help verify you have the right belt later. Go ahead and cut the belt and save it for determining the right size.

The engine pulley is easy, one bolt and it's out. New pulley ,done.

On the transmission end I would pull the trans out. The pulley is held on by a retaining ring AND it's a "push" fit, not a "press" fit, but not a "slip" fit either. It might come off with a puller but more likely the pulley will bend. The best trick I've found is to get a helper to lift or gently pry up on the pulley while you drive the shaft out with a brass punch. The new pulley will slip right on, done.

Now take your old belt and string it, pull it so your clutch mark lines up, and clamp the overlapped ends. Take it to TSC and match up a belt, the kevlar ones.

Finally you'll want to move the belt guide rods, this takes some trial and error. Basically you want the long stretches to not flop so much it derails.:

With the 22" Swampers and the governor gone we hit 40.4mph.


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