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Gaining clearance on my Currie Antirock bar. It was fighting with the tire and the coil perch.

Paint drying on my CO2 tank mount.

The Trail kit

My tool box to be. A trip to the surplus/liquidation store netted a perfect candidate for my tools and recovery equipment. This is the exact dimensions I wanted. With a little welding I'll have the perfect setup to store all my trail gear in one place without having to dig through layers for access. After seeing a plastic box break and spew it's contents during a rollover I knew I needed something different than the hacked off junk I had.

Everything will have it's position with tabs and brackets to keep things in place. Unscrambling your gear = less wheeling time. The gas can you see has been replaced because of a cracked cap that leaked. Of course I couldn't find a matching can so the holder had to be reconfigured. 

Part #'s:

Hood strut: Sachs #SG430001


Winch mania


New aux battery tray

The ugly old thing I took out. Apparently when I first built it I picked the oddest size battery ever so it's been cut apart and sectioned back together at least 2 times that I recall.

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This time I did a little research. This setup will adjust to 95% of the batteries on the shelf. No more worries about finding one that fits.

Cutting corners

DSC02255.JPG (73928 bytes)DSC02259.JPG (91801 bytes)

New bag controls

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Fittings found at www.mcmaster.com search "instant tube fitting" or "page 138"

Tubing is D.O.T. reinforced Nylon 11 on page 93 

Chopping 19" off the flatbed during the bag install.

newtaco 010.jpg (217685 bytes)newtaco 011.jpg (278354 bytes)

Prepping WMO to be mixed in with Diesel fuel in the hauler. This is a 1 micron filter.

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