A little something I've been dreaming about since I first observed a ZTR mower in action.



 Hydrostatic kit came from Surplus Center. A Hatz 2G40 Diesel will provide the power.

The tracks I'm using are for the IHI 20NX mini excavator. These are the longest available with the 230mm width, after that the width goes up and the weight goes way up. The spec is 230mm wide x 96mm pitch x 40 links. This works out to 384cm long or just over 151inches.

Well hopefully things are starting to make a little sense at this point. Just a little. Essentially I'm using a modular approach. With the tracks as separate modules I will be able to adjust the position of the main section according to it's center of gravity.

I'm currently waiting on laser cut pieces for the drive and tension wheels. At first I thought I could utilize ATV/golf cart/garden tractor wheels that we already had but it just wasn't going to look "tankish" enough.

The big casters (soon to be bogies) will have the green poly cut off along with some facing on the lathe to lighten them up along with some evenly spaced "spoke" holes.

More parts collecting.

And the jet-cut parts came late today.

Tomorrow I'll be collecting generator fuel to keep the welder warm. For those that don't know, my primary power source in the shop is my Listeroid generator. A big diesel that is happy to burn filtered used motor oil.

Discs become sprocket and tensioner sections.

And all the bits go together.

Casters become bogies.

And the first track module starts taking shape.

One shot of the track profile.

At this point I'm dropping into skunkworks mode. Still taking progress photos and will post back up when it's video time.